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There is little point in winning unless the right people in the right place hear and take note of your achievements.  Publicity is a vital factor in this most competitive industry, and without recognition your chances of success are 'considerably' reduced.

Racing ambitions often rest on 'make or break' negotiations, and an absence of promotion and name awareness have all too often resulted in insufficient opportunity, concluding in wasted talent.

Allstar International's professional and public relations (PPR) support package is designed to assist effectively.  Generating publicity via a team of renowned professional journalists and photographers, and through our extensive network of contacts built over two decades.

Publicity is all about your results and our timing and Allstar International are in a position to offer a highly effective communications package under one roof, assisting you and your associates in maximising your potential.

'A fractional percentage of a whole seasons budget can make all the difference in creating publicity and ensuring that you or your sponsors receive maximum return on investment'

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