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A young driver can often feel alone when moving to a new country with a new team, language barrier and surroundings.  Numerous drivers later bemoan those early years living & working hard away from the central hub of their very existence.  All that can have a negative impact on performance issues, particularly during tough moments which this super competitive sport periodically consists of, even for the best.

Given our vast experience & success in dealing with prodigious talent, young drivers appreciate that we have been there and seen it all before, with an understanding of the multitude of issues which often occur from Karting to F1.

We understand each case is different and it is important to build a special rapport and friendship with our drivers & families.  Someone who is a trusted ally and engaged in maximising the drivers understanding, performance and confidence can produce wonders when it comes to results.

Both mentoring and driver coaching are incredibly valuable in providing that support. However, one helps you improve immediately and the other offers high-level guidance for the long-term.

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